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We're not familiar with e-commerce, the net is by way of the completion of a enterprise transaction. Then, cross-border e-commerce it? Because the name suggests, by means of the world wide web to finish the transaction an international company activities. Cross-border e-commerce is among the most apparent feature is worldwide, it broke through the barriers involving nations, international trade towards borderless trade. For firms, cross-border e-commerce this new form of trade can enable additional enterprises within a practical, rapid and low-priced way into the international market place. As a result, the gradual improvement of cross-border e-commerce to promote the improvement of international trade, to numerous domestic enterprises, especially a few of the far more conventional enterprise improvement space.

Crusher business can be a heavy machinery manufacturing, domestic enterprises for instance many forty-five thousand, competitors is fierce. In recent years, a variety of providers so that you can achieve the improvement on the crusher started to look into the nation. However, due to lack of funds, strength will not be sufficient, don't have an understanding of the foreign market place situations and other motives, has been reluctant to act. Nonetheless, in the event the use of cross-border e-commerce these issues could be solved, for domestic crushers Enterprise is a good chance. GM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. began to get involved in an earlier e-commerce, e-commerce platform in current years have begun to expand to foreign nations, to market the development of international trade.

More than the past decade, the improvement of China's construction machinery business export enterprise has brought out the first from the central enterprises to foreign investors through a number of exhibitions to China to discover products and manufacturers, to market enterprises to go out and obtain a local dealer, till current years, the strength with the definitely go out to establish their very own direct advertising and marketing agency localized sales, can say that China's construction machinery enterprises within a quickly increasing export enterprise. On the other hand, compared using the global distribution of step internationally renowned producers of building machinery, the Chinese firms apparently go also fast, not sound. As a result, it progressively revealed a really serious dilemma would be the challenge of after-sales service, which includes spare parts supply, technical instruction and maintenance education. Though the present predicament is not quite clear this contradiction, but with the weakening with the international industry demand, the problem will be fully exposed, and ultimately the improvement of China's construction machinery exports to hinder the formation of the power companies.

As a major production of crushers and also other mining machinery gear of huge enterprises, GM Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. believes that before the concern totally exposed, we ought to concentrate our efforts on crucial issues and build an international network platform to improve after-sales service the level and high quality, and market the smooth improvement of China's construction machinery international trade.

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